Finally made it!!

I finally made it to a river I’ve been wanting to go to for quite a while. It was either here or the Uintas. I’m glad now that I picked the river instead. I ended up hiking 2.70 miles total. It was a nice easy trail without much elevation gain or loss.

Here is where I ended. I wish I had more time to hike further down, but after walking past the river for over a mile I was to excited to get fishing then to hike any further.


After many many casts, and seeing fish I switched to a smaller marabou jig (1/32oz). After switching jigs I caught one smaller brown, and a brook trout. I had read, and seen pictures of there being brook trout in this river. I was hoping to catch more, but at least I got one.


Kind of goofy looking.


From here I fished back towards my car stopping anywhere that looking like there were fish. As I walked up to a tree that had fallen across the river I could see a couple of fish tails sticking out the back side of the tree. I cast over the log, and let my line rest against the tree. After jigging the jig a couple times this one swam out, and grabbed it.


Beaver pond.


I can’t believe how beautiful this place was, the pictures don’t do it justice.


After hiking most of the way back to the car I came to a big beaver pond.  After a couple casts I hooked into something that was a lot bigger then what I was previously catching. Once I got the fish closer, and from going in to the logs in the beaver dam. I could tell it was a big brown.


I was crazy excited this is one of the biggest fish I’ve ever caught. I’m glad no one was around since I was talking my way through the whole ordeal.

A little further up this same beaver pond I hooked into another big brown. This one ran for the mossy bank then just sat there.


After wrestling it out of the moss I was able to snap a couple pictures. This one was a little bit bigger.



After getting that one back in the river it was only a couple casts later that I caught another one that ran in to the moss.


DSCN0849I couldn’t believe it three big fish in a row. I didn’t get anything else out of that beaver pond, or the rest of the way back to the car.

I didn’t see anyone else the whole time until I got back to the car. In the parking lot there were two guy’s gearing up to go fish.

I’m hoping to make it back here again this year. I wish I could get Dad in here, but with the rocky trail, and steep climb from the parking lot to the river he would never make it.


Fairy Forest

Last Saturday, Suz went with her sister, and Mom on a girls day. Sooo I was left to watch the kids. After K made me a list of things we could do, and after much deliberation we narrowed it down to a couple.

First up on the list was getting a Wisp at Wisp. Their snow cones are the best! Plus they had a jump house.


Green Apple for G, BYU for K, and something that won’t stain to bad for S.


Next up on the list was the Fairy Forest in the Uinta Mountains. It sure has grown since we were here last.


The kids got to pick a marble from this one, and make a wish. K lost her’s , and had to go back and make her wish again.


S loved looking at all the different colored rocks.


Heading down the trail to the main part of the Fairy Forest.


The kids loved the Fairy Temple. The only place a Fairy should be married. It was a music box so we had to crank it, and listen.


Say cheese!


Main part of the Fairy Forest. We didn’t have enough time to explore everything, but we will be back. Next time we will make something to leave.


It was getting late so we hurried back to Heber got a pizza, and a redbox. The rest of the night we watched the movie, and ate pizza. We tried sleeping out on the tramp, but it got pretty cold for the kids so we gave up, and slept in side.

Potters Pond

Last weekend we went to Potters Pond with the family. We fished, and hungout around the camp fire.    
K loved fishing, and I think she caught 6. She even caught a few without any help.
  S wanted to get into the action, but didn’t get anything.  
G had more fun playing with cousin Al then fishing.
   The kids loved riding in Uncle Rob’s monster truck.