In 2012 the Utah Divison of Wildlife Resources stocked 7,250 Artic Grayling in Smith-Morehouse Reservoir.  Since then the reservoir has been stocked with thousands more grayling.  Our family started going to Smith-Morehouse on day trips to roast hot dogs and smores a couple years ago, of course, we mixed in fishing for as long as the kids would pay attention. Unfortunately, we never really did that well until this year. We would usually use Power Bait under a bobber but after reading about using meal worms under a bobber we gave that a try this year. Wow, they really worked. Between all three kids, I was running from pole to pole either taking a fish off or putting a new worm on.

For some reason, we only took pictures of the kids with rainbows and not grayling. The girls thought they were pretty , and G thought they were sharks.



At the end of September, I was able to sneak away for the day and drive down to Boulder Mountain. I have been looking at a couple lakes there, and after reading a report about one of those places my destinations were set. The first lake I went to was challenging to get to with the recent snow the roads were pretty muddy. I floated around this lake most of the morning and caught 4 or 5 brook trout. I was surprised by one grayling that fought harder than it’s size for only being 14-15″ long. Once in the net, I could see why the poor guy had a foot of line coming from his jaw from a hard fought battle sometime ago. I could see the fly in his mouth half absorbed by his skin. I trimmed the line and was set to get a picture when he escaped my net. Below are a couple pictures of the brook trout from lake #1.



After another rough road, I made it to Lake #2. After reading a report of huge grayling caught at this lake I was excited to  get fishing. I decided to not float this lake and just walked around it fishing as I go. I ended up never seeing any grayling but did make up for it by catching some pretty brook trout. In hindsight, I wish I would have gone out in my float tube.  I guess that just gives me a reason to go back.


I tried to make it to one other lake on the other side of the mountain and after a crazy rough road, I got there in time to get rained out. I’ve seen some very big brook trout come from this lake and I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get to fish it like I wanted to.  I never really caught anything big on this trip, but it was well worth it. I’ve already got my eye on a couple lakes I’d  like to visit on my next trip to the mountain but it will most likely have to wait until next spring.


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