I’ve been trying to get my trip to Boulder Mountain on here for a while, but just never seemed to find the time.

Originally the plan was to driver down to Boulder Mountain and spend a couple nights and fish a bunch of different lakes. Like always it seems my plans change. I ended up only having one full day to spend on the mountain. I awoke at 3:00 am, and drove down to my first lake. I’ve had my eye on this little lake for a while. I learned from locals it use to hold big Brook Trout in the past. Once my float tube was pumped up I hiked the half mile to the lake only to find trophy salamanders living there. Disappointed, I headed to the next lake up the mountain. Immediately, at this lake I could see the Brook Trout swimming in the crystal clear water.

BM (6)

I started at the dam, and worked my way around catching a couple here, and there.

BM (2)BM (3)BM (4)BM (5)

As I worked my way around I ran in to a couple other fishermen walking back to their truck. They asked how I was doing, and pointed out a stream inlet farther around the lake. They claimed fish up to 3 lbs were just stacked up in the inlet. Trying not to show my excitement I thanked them, and we parted ways. Eagerly, I made my way over to the inlet. Lucky for me those two fishermen weren’t the lying type. Unfortunately, they failed to tell me how to catch these 3 lbs fish. I tried every jig color I had, and every size too. Nothing worked. I did however catch a couple of the smaller ones.

BM (7)BM (8)BM (10)BM (11)BM (12)BM (9)

I was pretty happy with how many fish I had caught up to this point, but wanted something bigger. I made the decision to move to another set of lakes, and hiked back to the car for lunch.

It didn’t take long, and I was bouncing up the road to the other lakes. I stopped at the first lake, and fished it for a about 45 min. I ended up catching one Brook Tout, and one chubby Cutthroat. Not the trophies I drove so far for though.BM (15)BM (16)

It was getting late, and I had a long drive back so I headed home. It was worth getting up so early, but next time I think I will plan a day or two so I don’t feel so rushed.



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