June was great right from the start. For starters my birthday was the first week of June. My awesome wife got me a new fishing pole. I ended up getting a Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner light. This rod is based off of a fly rod blank. For a long time, I’ve dreamt of getting a custom made rod made out of a fly rod blank. Unfortunately, a custom made rod was way WAY out of my budget. So, the River Runner was perfect. I ended up getting the light weight rod instead of the ultra-light because I felt the ultra-light was a little to whippy.

I was first able to try out the new rod on the Middle Provo. With my old Daiwa Exceler reel I was able to test it out. The first thing I noticed was I was able to cast smaller jigs farther. In the past, I’ve always used a medium light rod, and I could tell a noticeable difference in how far I could cast with the light rod. In addition to casting distance the rod was very sensitive. For example, I’ve read a lot where other fishermen say they can feel every rock on the bottom when drifting jigs. I now know what they mean. It seemed I could feel everything the jig was doing. So all in all I love the new rod. I forgot my camera, but only caught two smaller browns.

Of course every new rod needs a new reel, right? So for Father’s Day my amazing wife got me a new reel. I ended up getting another Daiwa Exceler since the previous one has never given me any trouble in the last 8 years I’ve had it. I ended up putting Fireline Crystal 4lb line on the reel. I’ve read some great reviews on this line, but my only worry was that it seemed pretty visible under water.

I wasn’t finally able to try out the new rod & reel combo on a local river I went to for the first time last year. After getting all strung up I walked down river for about a half mile. I tied the jig right to the Fireline to see how it would go. It seemed like every cast I would have a fish follow the jig in, but never take it. I decided, to try another color jig. My heart sank when I realized I left my jig box on top of my 4 Runner. So, back to the car I went to get my jig box. After getting back to the river. I tied a fluorocarbon leader on to the Fireline since I felt the fish where line shy with the Fireline tied straight to the jig. I put a black 1/16oz jig on, and got multiple hits on the first cast. Thankfully, tying on the fluorocarbon leader helped. It didn’t change everything though. For instance, I still had a lot of fish follow, but not take the jig. I did get this one to fall for the 1/16oz jig though.

SS (1)

Remembering what worked best the last time I was here I tied on a 1/32oz jig. From that point on I started to catch a lot more. Below are some of the bigger ones I caught.

SS (3)

SS (4)

SS (5)

SS (7)

As you can see for some reason the fish like the 1/32oz jigs better. I think it must be the slower drop of the 1/32oz jig. I had multiple fish break the fluorocarbon leader as they ran for cover. There was no stopping them. I was able to give the new reel a good workout, and it performed flawlessly. I’m not sure if I like the Fireline though, I don’t really want to tie a leader on every time I fish. I’ll keep trying it out, and go from there. In conclusion this river has ended up being my favorite river to fish, and one I hope to visit more often.

To end the month, I took the two younger kids, and bounced up to a lake in the Uintas. I’ve had my eye on this small lake for a while. Unfortunately, we ended up only fishing for about a half hour when it started to rain. Worried about the road getting too muddy we packed up, and left. I never seen any fish rise, and the lake does have a history of winter killing. It was still great to get out, and check another lake off of my list.



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