Beaver Dams

Every time I drive by a small stream, or river, and I see a beaver dam I want to stop , and fish. Unfortunately, it seems we are always in a hurry and never have time to stop. This Friday morning I was able to go cross off one of those places. I didn’t have much time  since I had to work later that afternoon.

I found the parking lot empty when I arrived. It’s usually packed since a lot of other fisherman use this parking lot to fish the reservoir. Since I had never been there before I didn’t know what to expect. The stream was crystal clear, and I started fishing some of the slower sections with out any luck. I walked farther up stream casting wherever I thought a fish might be hiding, and still no luck. Then I spotted something through the trees. Just what I was looking for.


This has been one busy beaver! I made my way around to the right of this picture , and found this.


I could see a couple trout sitting on the bottom. On my first cast I caught a small little brown trout.


I ended up catching a round 6 out of this beaver dam. Here are a couple more from this dam. Nothing to big, but I was pretty excited to even catch anything on this stream. I was hoping to catch a cutthroat that are supposedly in this stream along with rainbow trouts. The last time this stream was stocked by the DWR was a decade ago.



Other side of the dam.


After walking up the stream a little farther I came no the next beaver dam, this one was a lot smaller.


Along the left side of this picture was a deeper channel with a log running along it’s length. I couldn’t see any fish, but gave it a shot any ways. If I was able to cast perfectly,  and bounce my jig along the log a couple trout would come darting out after it. I ended up getting 3 from this beaver dam.


I was running short on time so I made my way farther up stream. As I was stepping up on a fallen cottonwood tree the dead bark broke away. I tried to keep my balance, but ended up falling backwards into some smelly black mud. My hip waders filled up with black stinky water, and I was covered from top to bottom. I figured it was probably time to head home.

I can’t wait to get back to this small stream to see what it has to offer farther up stream. Lets hope I don’t fall in the next time.



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