Not much happening in December with the holidays, and all. I did make it out once to a place I’ve read about, and always wanted to fish, but I thought it was all on private land. After doing a little more research I found out that part of river was part of the DWR’s walk in access program. I got my access number, and was on my way. I’ve read, and seen pictures of big browns coming from this river, and was excited to try it.

A couple weeks before I finally made it we took a ride past the river as a family, and the river was pretty off color. from what I’ve read it’s usually crystal clear.

Not much changed in the couple weeks since we drove by, but this time it had a lot of moss mixed in. I’m sure the cattle up stream wading in, and out of the river doesn’t help it much either.

After fishing for a while I gave up, tired of cleaning off my jigs every cast from all the moss. I figure maybe some other time I’ll make it back, and see if I can find the browns I’ve read about. Hopefully the water will be clearer. I did however find these old cars in the river. I hook the one in the middle it got off after quite the battle.



I decided to hurry back to my favorite place on the Middle Provo in hopes of not getting completely skunked. I ended up with two smaller browns, and only got a picture of one before it got to dark to fish.


Now my focus turns to ice fishing. I’ve pored, and still need to paint some jig heads to use. I’ve got a couple of new jig molds since last year i’m excited to try out.


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