With work, and other things going on I haven’t been able to get out much this fall. It wasn’t until November that I was able to make it back out fishing.

The first day I made it out was during the snow storm earlier this month. I was only able to go for a couple hours in the morning so I picked the Provo River since it was close to home. I picked a place along the river I’ve never fished before. After walking down river I would stop, and fish any holes that looked good. In one place I had fish rising all around me. Unlucky me I only had jig’s , and no flies. While fishing this section of the river I had a seagull dive in to the water about 10′ away, and pick up a smaller Brown Trout, and fly off.  I’ve never seen a seagull do that before.

After walking farther down river, and trying different places I finally caught one after changing jigs a couple times.


Right after catching this one I had a Mink swim across the river in front of me. That was another first for me. I tried to get a picture of it crossing the river, but I was to slow.

I started walking back towards the car, and stopped at the place the seagull out fished me. After again trying different jig colors I came up with one from this hole.


The fish where still rising for bugs on the water when I left. I thought about going home, and getting my fly rod, but I was running out of time.

I didn’t catch anything else as I walked back to the car.


I was able to go again to the Provo River later in the month. I went to my usually spot on the river where I have done pretty good in the past. It was a Saturday, and there where already cars parked in the parking lot at 6:30 am. I hadn’t fished the Provo on a Saturday for a very long time, and now I remember why. It was packed. After talking with a guide that was not happy about spin fishermen I made my way to my favorite spot.

Come to find out my favorite spot is everyone else’s also. I fished at the bottom of the run about 50 yards from the other fishermen along this section. I caught one smaller brown here.


After catching this one it seemed everyone wanted to get closer to me. 50 yards turned in to about 25 yards. Even though fishing has usually been better at the top of this run this feller wanted to try my spot out more I guess. I moved on since it had been at that place for a while, and only had the one fish. I moved to another spot I like, and no one was around. I switched to a jig color I have been experimenting with. I call it the Boy Scout Jig since it has a brown head, olive green body, and a tan tail. After only a couple cast I caught a nicer brown.


In the same place I caught the bigger brown I caught my first Rainbow from the river. He had been through quite the battle since he was missing one pectoral fin, and part of his dorsal fin. He had some scrapes on him also.


I tried a couple other places, but wasn’t able to catch anymore.

It was fun to catch something new, and to get out.




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